Horrible Holiday Cheer is an Alex Adventure DVD that contains six episodes from Season 1 and one episode from Season 2 (five including two bonus episodes). This DVD focuses on episodes about fun, travelling and home.

Summary Edit

"Prepare yourself for some yuletide goodness as Alex concludes its trumphiant DVD release. Featuring the uncut release of A LOST CLAUS and the highly sought after "unaired" season two episodes, Alex fans will finally get what they've been waiting for. Yes boys and girls, there is a Santa... and he's bent on world domination".

Episodes Edit

  • A Lost Claus
  • Daydream Believer
  • When Nerds Collide
  • Saved By The Shell
  • Tradeshow Showdown

Bonus episodes Edit

  • The Wonderful World of Wizzly
  • Time After Time

Bonus Features Edit

  • Bonus Episodes "The Wonderful World of Wizzly" and "Time After Time"
  • Bonus Music Video "Christmas With Santa"
  • Register Your DVD
  • Activity Sheets & More!

Letters to Santa transcription Edit

Alex/HA-9 Edit

Dear Santa, you are one of my biggest heroes. Talk about making the most out of one day! Imagine, flying around the whole world delivering toys and gifts to everybody in one night. Jeff, Sumo and I have done some cool stuff in our time, but that! That's something else. How do you do it? Truth be told, all I want for Christmas this year is a chance to be like you. Thank you and Merry Christmas. --Alex Blackman

Jeff Edit

Dear Santa, a harmonica, please. --Jeff Randell

Sumo Edit

Hey, Santa, here's what I want you to bring me. A dirt bike, a skateboard, and a ripped shirt that says, "Don't mess with the Buford." I don't know if they make these yet, but if they do, I want an automatic noogie machine and a wedgie-matic. You wouldn't believe how callused my hands are getting. Oh! And throw in a Guide to French Cooking DVD set. Advanced level, of course. And however much cash you think I should get to bring me up to par with the other kids on the block. And on a more serious note, what I really want is for my friends to think I'm a good guy underneath. But if you ever tell anyone that, you're dead meat. --Sumo Sumouski

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